Czech Hospital Placements Program


The Czech Hospital Placements Program gives young students from 17 to 26 years an opportunity to observe and shadow real professionals who act as their mentors during their daily job tasks, surgeries, interactions with patients, or treatment procedures for 25 - 30 hours a week. The length of the program is up to every student, the more weeks he or she comes, the more departments he or she will be able to experience. 

This is the chance to learn, gain skills, improve abilities, and build new relationships with specialty mentoring team. Be ready for a very intense experience in a live clinical environment where no two work days are the same

Before the arrival to the CHP Program, we provide our students with our exclusive study materials regarding each of the specialty departments they have chosen. We believe  that only with good preparation students may gain the most of their placement. In addition to shadowing hours we prepare weekly Tutorials on the latest research and treatment and Excursions to specialty department centers. These practical and theoretical lectures are held 3 times a week by our mentors in the afternoons. 

Our partner, the University Hospital in Motol, provides comprehensive care in all of the medical specialties, with an extra focus on children. The hospital has the highest quality of technical equipment, allowing for very specific treatment options unavailable anywhere else in the country. 

The hospital performs heart and lung transplants and neurosurgery on both children and adults. Thanks to the strong hospital partnership with the CHP Program and the commitment of our mentors whom we know personally, we can guarantee you deep insight into the specialty departments and mentoring teams of real professionals

The CHP Program is designed, owned and organized by B|PLANS be organized company. 

Don´t hesitate to get in touch with the company owner and author of the CHP Program Mgr. Barbora Vágnerová, E.MA on or

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